Almost one year ago I got to photograph the fantastic wedding of Rianne & Ferran on the beautiful estate of Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum, Utrecht. This wedding location is already a gem to see, but was made even more beautiful by the styling of Nikki De Lang!

Such an extra touch can make such a difference, by using certain flowers, colors and fabrics you can really create a lot of atmosphere at a wedding! And of course, as a wedding photographer, I do love a bit of beauty to photograph 🙂 Beautiful table settings, details in the ceremony space, yes please, bring it on 🙂 By the way, the space around the mansion is also beautiful: foresty greens, a perfect backdrop  for the photo shoot and group photos! Especially so in October, when all the leaves have beautiful autumn colors.

This wedding was the last one scheduled for this season, and what a blast to end with! The beautiful bride was given away by her father during the ceremony, one of those moments that really brings a tear to the eye. The ceremony itself was led by De Trouwmevrouw, Ingrid: an incredibly beautiful and sincere story with many hilarious moments. Everyone was laughing out loud, so great to be able to capture! And I must say that Parc Broekhuizen has immediately become one of my favorite wedding locations in Utrecht, such a beautiful and nice place to get married and to take photos!

During the drinks and dinner the bride and groom were addressed by their family and friends and again there were some tears shed and a lot of laughs! Great for me as a wedding photographer to be able to take photos of those emotional moments of course!

The evening ended with a big party, everyone was dancing and celebrating together!

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